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  • Big Banyan is an expression of our extraordinary journey from grape to glass.

    Every sip of wine you take tells a tale of the land it came from, its unique terroir, the hands that nurtured the tender vines and plucked the plump grapes, and the vintner who worked his magic. It reflects your mood, the occasion and the ‘moment’ you are in.

    To create these elegant wines, we harvest grapes from our vineyards in Bengaluru, and also handpick a few varietals from select vineyards across India. They are then transformed into wine at our state-of-the-art wineries in Goa and Bengaluru, under the watchful eye of Lucio Matricardi, our Italian winemaker.

    The collection includes three red wines (Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon), three white wines (Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc), a rosé wine (Rosa Rossa), a dessert wine (Bellissima) and a Limited Spring Reserve Shiraz.

    Over the years, our wines have received much praise and many a prestigious accolade. They are a testament to our company’s vision of creating the finest Indian spirits.

    Go on, enjoy a glass of our creations.

    Available in Karnataka, Goa, Kerala, Pondicherry and Telangana.

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    Now get to experience our story firsthand! Visit us at Big Banyan Vineyards - open for Wine Tours and Tastings.

    Big Banyan Wines

    Red Wines


    Cabernet Sauvignon


    White Wines

    Chenin Blanc


    Sauvignon Blanc

    Rosé Wine

    Rosa Rossa

    Dessert Wine


    Limited Edition

    Limited Shiraz


Indian Wine Consumer's Choice Bronze Awards 2017
Indian Wine Consumer's Choice Awards 2017
Indian Wine Consumer's Choice Awards 2016
Indian Wine Consumer's Choice Awards 2016