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  • Big Banyan is all about the moment. The moment the grape is harvested, the moment it is skill fully transformed into a wine. But more importantly, the moment it is un-bottled and celebrated. 

    To create such memorable experiences, we are meticulous about the entire making process. Our grapes are hand picked from the fabled vine yards of Nasik valley and Ramnagar. They are then taken to our winery in Goa, where our chief Vintner, Lucio Matricardi, Italy, works his magic. He brings in years of expertise and personal lore to every bottle we craft. He guides us in blending traditional vintner's secrets with new age ingenuity. 

    The delicate flavours, thus created, take you to bright, happy places, unbottling tucked away emotions.

    A part of the John Distilleries group, Big Banyan carries forth the company's legacy of creating premium liquor brands. It is our endeavour to craft wines that can be appreciated by everyone, of all ages and tastes.

     Big Banyan wine is available in Karnataka, Goa, Kerala, Hyderabad and Pondicherry.

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Indian Wine Consumer's Choice Bronze Awards 2017
Indian Wine Consumer's Choice Awards 2017
Indian Wine Consumer's Choice Awards 2016
Indian Wine Consumer's Choice Awards 2016