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John Distilleries Launches Premium Blended Whisky

Published by John Distilleries, India, on Jun 08 2021

John Distilleries announces the launch of Roulette Premium Whisky, a new blended whisky in the Indian alco-bev premium IMFL segment. Makers of Original Choice, one of ...

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Mithuna Tasting by The Dramble

Published by The Dramble, India, on May 17 2021 , Author: The Dramble

Whilst my appreciation for certain styles of cinema remains constant, my favourite film could change every day. Mood plays a significant role in shaping our tastes – and ...

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From India to the world, the journey of Paul John

Published by The Spirits Business Magazine, UK, on May 19 2021

Paul P John, Chairman of John Distilleries Pvt Ltd and the Man Behind the Brand – Paul John Single Malt Whisky, recounts his journey to success during an interview with T...

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Indian Whisky Paul John Launches Bold, Adding A New Expression To The Lineup

Published by Shanken News Daily, USA, on Jul 11 2017

Indian single malt whisky maker John Distilleries Ltd. (JDL) has released Paul John Bold, a new peated single malt whisky expression, in the U.S. market. Bold ($75) joins...

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Paul John Single Malts – India’s world-class whisky

Published by Taste The Dram, USA, on May 28 2017 , Author: Billy Destro

My first collaborative interview for was with Paul John Single Malts Chairman, Mr. Paul P John.  Not only did Paul John make time for us in his busy sche...

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John Distilleries to double single malt production capacity

Published by Live Mint, India, on May 18 2017 , Author: Deepti Govind

John Distilleries, which sells single malt whisky under the Paul John brand, is in the process of doubling its malt whisky production capacity from the current 6...

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John Distilleries helped change global image of Indian whiskies - MADE IN KARNATAKA

Published by The Times of India, India, on Apr 18 2017 , Author: Avik Das

Paul John believes the failure of his maiden business venture,which he started straight out of college, was a major stepping stone to his success today. And his first les...

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Indian single malt maker plans 500 crore IPO

Published by The Times of India, India, on Mar 29 2017 , Author: Avik Das

BENGALURU : India's fifth largest whisky producer John Distilleries Ltd (JDL), the maker of Paul John Single Malt, is planning for an initial public offering (IPO) to rai...

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Three surprising countries making world-class whisky

Published by The Telegraph, UK, on Sep 22 2016 , Author: Chris Stone and Oscar Featherstone.

In a video article titled, 'Three surprising countries making world-class whisky', drinks writers Neil Ridley and Joel Harrison discuss Paul John Classic Select Cask. Joe...

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Old Whiskey is too Expensive. Drink these Spirits instead

Published by PLAYBOY, USA, on Sep 21 2016 , Author: Jason Horn.

Whiskey is so in right now, and it has been for the last few years. When you do what I do for a living, that’s both a blessing and a curse: A lot more people are getting ...

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