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Roulette By Economic Times

Published by Economic Times, India, on May 18, 2021.

The Covid 19 pandemic hasn’t slowed down the animal spirits in the Indian alcobev industry, except that I dare say there would have been even more launches than what we’ve seen in the first 4 months of 2021. What it has done however given the penchant of most Indian brands to target Goa as a launch market, is to limit the availability of these brands to Goa, and therefore unavailable for most except for the peripatetic Indian, who till the onset of the 2nd wave was to be found hitting the dance floor at Titlie or a dive bar in Anjuna.

Here’s a quick look at the brands of note that have launched in the last 4 months

Roulette Whisky
Roulette is launched by John Distilleries, better known of course for their Paul John Single Malt, and hence of sound pedigree.
Bottled at 42.8% ABV, Roulette whisky is a blended whisky of high quality Indian grain matured in ex-bourbon casks, and a balanced blend of peated and unpeated malt spirit.
With rich fruity aromas, deep flavours of vibrant fruit, hints of smoke and a lingering creamy, Roulette whisky is available in Goa in 750ml and 180ml

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