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Paul John Whisky’s Ultimate Summer Drinks

Published by, John Distilleries, on Jan 01 2021.

Summer is fast approaching and everyone is already feeling the heat. The best way to both beat the heat while also welcoming the summer breeze is to reach for some refreshing summer cocktails.

At Paul John Whisky we maintain that the best summer drinks are classic, simple whisky cocktails that never disappoint. Hence, we give you our top three whisky cocktail recipes which are easy to make at home with our beloved Nirvana Single Malt Whisky.

First is the Nirvana Summer Cocktail. 

Part of The A B C Home Bartending recipes, the Nirvana Summer is an easy, effortless homemade drink. It is perfect to serve in a footed Pilsner glass or a Mason jar and include ingredients already available in your kitchen!


60ml Paul John Nirvana

2 wedges lime

60ml orange juice

5ml ginger juice

Top up with Sprite/7Up

Garnish: orange wedge, snapped ginger slice, mint/thyme sprig

To make this summer favourite, fill up your glass with ice. Then go ahead and add 60ml of Paul John Nirvana, 60ml of orange juice, 5ml of ginger juice and two lime wedges.

Once done, snap a ginger and drop it in and, finally, top it up with either 7Up or Sprite and stir. Add some garnish and this classic whisky and orange juice cocktail is ready to be enjoyed.

Another fresh and light drink that’s among our best whisky cocktails is the Nirvana Spritzer. This whisky and lime cocktail offers a touch of lemongrass for a yummy drink that is also healthy!


60ml Paul John Nirvana

2 freshly cut slices of ginger

2 lemongrass leaves

2 wedges lime

Sprite to top

Garnish: Lemongrass

To make this refreshing cocktail, simply fill the glass with ice and pour in 60ml of Paul John Nirvana. Proceed to squeeze and then drop in the two lime wedges into the glass. Fold and twist the lemongrass leave to release the flavour and drop it into to glass. Top it off with Sprite, snap the ginger slices and drop into the drink and, finally, stir!

The Nirvana Spitzer is best served in a Collins or Tall glass and best enjoyed with some friends ready to hail the summer!


Another easy summer drink with Paul John Nirvana is our Summer Sip whisky cocktail.

As part of our One Step Up cocktail recipes, the Summer Sip will need you to amp up your bartending skills but is still a fun and simple alcoholic drink fit for beating the heat.


60 ml Paul John Nirvana whisky

20 ml Lime juice

15 ml Cucumber syrup

Pinch of Salt

Top up with Tonic water

Garnish – Cucumber slice

To make the Summer Sip, simply build up the ingredients over ice in the glass. This single malt cocktail is best served in a Collins glass and garnished with a cucumber slice. The touch of lemonade makes it a crowd favourite beverage for summertime.

While the Paul John Nirvana is an exceptional drink by itself, these single malt cocktail recipes allow for a perfect shift into a summer afternoon pick-me-up!