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8 Unique Gifts Your Dad Will Love This Father's Day

Published by, John Distilleries, India on Jun 16 2021.

Father’s Day comes with the usual sprint to find the perfect present for the best Dad ever. You know him better than anyone, but it’s always so hard to find the perfect gift for your father. However, he deserves nothing less than perfection. Father’s Day 2021 is fast approaching, so we have put together the ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide by John Distilleries Pvt Ltd.

Whether you’re a last-minute gift shopper or someone who likes to buy a gift and then add something handmade to it to make it a touch more special, we’re certain anything you gift him will make your Dad’s day. However, nothing quite says happy Father’s Day as well as a bottle of happiness picked out specifically and personalised for your favourite guy. We offer you a wide selection of brands and flavours for you to choose from for a gift idea that is both creative and unique.

Nirvana by Paul John 

The perfect gift for the Dad who know what’s up. Hip, young, and trendy, Nirvana is the best Father’s Day surprise for the Dad who likes to keep up with the times.  

Oloroso Select Cask
The sherry whisky that beckons the larger-than-life Dad. If your father loves all things exquisite, Pedro Ximinez will have him falling in love. We warn you that you may not get much attention from him the rest of the day!

PJXO – 100 % Indian Grape Brandy
For the impeccable Dad who knows that life is about enjoying the finer things.
Luxurious, delectable, simply perfect. Look no further for a perfect Father’s Day gift idea.


Perfect for the Dad who is both sweet as sugar and knows how to have a good time. Paint the picture of a Father’s Day celebration with Fireball. It is full of laughter, music, and memories to be cherished forever.


For the daring Dad who belongs out there, going on adventures and taking every risk life throws his way.
It’s been a hard year for your dare-devil dad, having to stay home. Show him that he can feel the adrenaline from anywhere with a bottle of Roulette.

Buffalo Trace

Is your father the strongest person in your life? Let him know in this simple way. The unique, constant strength of a father is perfectly mirrored in that of the gentle beast that characterizes Buffalo Trace.

Sazerac Rye
A classic gift for the classic Dad.
A great rye is a never miss and an easy way straight into your father’s heart. Thoughtful, practical and perfect for a celebration.

Big Banyan Merlot
For the fancy Dad who likes a bit of elegance in his day.
A rich wine like none other for your unique father to make him feel like a king on his special day.

No matter how old sons and daughters get, a father’s kids will always turn to him in times of need. So on this day, the world gets together to let our Dads know how much we love and appreciate them. After all, what could be better than sharing a dram with Dad?

We at John Distilleries wish you and your family a very happy Father’s Day. Cheers!